Our Chief Consultant Remo Ardali 's comments :  
               Dear Importer,
first of all, I want to wish you maximum success,  for your China import project !
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"During 8 years, importing from China, we always were searching for a company, like yours.
    Thanks for assuring our product's  quality!"

  James SCOTT, Owner, Scooter R Us, South Africa
"We bought high quality machines from China,
     for a  very good deal. We appreciate your
    cooperation. Thanks to all from Hengyi!"

   ING.Peter BRUZENAK, Metal Trade COMAX,CZ





"We are very glad to cooperate with Hengyi Consulting, now
     almost 2 years. Your  excellent sourcing gave us the possibility
     to order oem, from quality China manufacturers. Thanks for all!" 
                                                                    Metin MERAL, Owner, BEZEF TR
























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Limited places - Book before:
     20 February 2010
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